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Adidas X South Park Campus 80 Towelie

Adidas X South Park Campus 80 Towelie

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Influenced by the well-known cartoon television program South Park. The shoe's design pays homage to Towelie, the show's much-loved character, while still adhering to the traditional Adidas Campus 80s style. With white leather accents, the shoe has a soft, lavender terrycloth upper that resembles a towel. The interior tongue is equipped with a stash pocket and inscribed with a pair of mismatched quotes: ‘Don’t Forget to Bring a Towel’ on the left shoe and ‘I Have No Idea What’s Going On’ on the right.

Each tongue is decorated with Towelie’s cartoon eyes, which become pink and bloodshot when exposed to UV light. The Adidas Campus 80 x South Park Towelie is a lighthearted and entertaining sneaker which is bound to excite both fans of the show and sneakerheads alike! 

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