About us

The Story

Les baskets is a cultural marketplace for all your sneakers and streetwear needs. From pre-releases, regional drops or “sold out” items, we help you buy those coveted items without any hassle. Getting your hands on grails has now become accessible and straightforward. With pre legitimacy checks, our brand offers rare products which are come-at-able.

Crew’s affair

Having always been a fan of old school hiphop to experiencing the lifestyle in the Cannes, a resort town on the French Rivera, the founder, Sulaiman Hussain took an ardent interest in sneakers and streetwear culture and became a collector in 2002. Having the passion on his mind, he then decided to move to the west and lived in Vancouver, Canada. This is when he decided to make his passion into his livelihood and started a sneaker and streetwear boutique there. Having visited India during a break, he realised the potential in the growth of sneaker and streetwear culture here and wanted to be active in his home turf. He went on to forming a team of like minded individuals from the community and started his dream project in Les Baskets, heavily inspired from his experiences and fervent. From 2018 to now constantly contributing to the culture and community through his services.

The blueprint

This isn’t just a trade for us but a lifestyle we represent. Having bred with this community, we now carry the legacy of keeping this culture dynamic. An aftermarket where you can browse and find curated sneakers and streetwear. With an array of sneakers, streetwear and accessories, guaranteeing a genuine product remains one of our core values. Being a one stop shop for our community builders and novices alike.

A Culture hub

The goal of the brand is to not only supply sneakers and streetwear that are no longer in reach through retailers but also ensuring that the primary objective of building a community is met day in, day out. From sharing knowledge through social media or meet ups, we take pride in being a part of the culture. Our brick and mortar store in Bangalore, India, hosts sneakerheads, hypebeasts and enthusiasts to visit and have the opportunity to shop, study and stay in the know.