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Air Jordan 1 High Rebellionaire

Air Jordan 1 High Rebellionaire

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Just one month after the shoe's release, the NBA infamously "banned" the Air Jordan 1, but Michael Jordan persisted in donning them while playing, with Nike footing the $5,000 fine for each match. The Jordan 1 High Rebellionaire, a recent edition from The Jordan Brand, honors both the supporters' steadfast devotion to the legendary sneaker and Jordan's disobedience of league regulations. The Rebellionaire is designed with a black and grey color blocking and bold typography all over the upper, including the daring statement "They Can't Stop You From Wearing Them." In honor of the outlawed legend's birth, the sneaker also has a scarlet "X" mark on the heel. The same attitude of rebellion that made the Air Jordan 1 so well-liked is embodied in the Rebellionaire.

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