Who We Are

It all started in a resort town on the Mediterranean white sands of the French Riviera. A town called Cannes was where Sulaiman Hussain was first exposed to and immediately drawn towards Streetwear and Sneaker culture. Born in Chennai, and raised in Madurai, The Temple City of South India, he had always been a fan of Old School hip hop. He started his life’s journey by paving his way through the hotel management industry. He travelled to various places around the world to complete his education, hone his skills and also feed his passion. He travelled from India to Paris, France to do his masters in hospitality followed by an internship to Cannes where he came across The Culture and then back to Paris, right into Le Cordon Bleu, one of the finest culinary schools in the world.

He later moved to live in the westernmost parts of the world, all the while working with top hotels. It was while he lived in Vancouver, Canada in 2014 that he finally decided to act on his passion for The Culture. He opened a Streetwear and Sneaker boutique there, which gave him a holistic view of the business from accounting to personal management. In 2018, he decided to return to his home country to care for his old parents. After attending the Street festival in Gurugram (Gurgaon), he was thrilled and overwhelmed to see that India was catching up with the Sneaker culture. And so, he co founded Cop Underdog which thrived much to his delight. Of course, he didn’t stop there.

With dedicated and passionate, like-minded individuals, Sulaiman Hussain has once again ventured to contribute significantly to the Streetwear and Sneaker culture of India with Les Baskets, right from where it all began, to where it will never end.

Our Process


We get in touch with sellers all around the world so you don't have to. This means we're able to give you the sneakers you want at a price you like.


Each product that goes through us is vetted and checked multiple times by multiple sources before they are sold. Any product you buy from us is guaranteed to be a 100% the real deal and nothing else

Competitive Pricing

All our products are dynamically priced so you get the best price on the market. Find something cheaper elsewhere? We'll price match or go lower to help you get your dream pair.

Sales & Service​

Make your pair as memorable as possible with our after sales service. From sneaker care to helping you pick a fit for your kicks, we've got it all covered

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